Dirty One Direction Imagines

Dirty One Direction Imagines

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AmyParker813 By AmyParker813 Updated Mar 06, 2013

You decide to go to the gym to play your favourite sport, basketball to keep in shape since you just recently quit your job as a dancer. You grab your mini, tight black booty shorts and  your bright pink sports bra.


As you walk into the gym and go to enter the change room, you notice a curly haired babe playing basketball. Now you are excited to get on the basketball court to show off your body in your tight and tiny clothes.

You come out of the gym and strut to the basketball court stretching and showing your flexibility making sure the sexy, curly haired boy saw. He did and you smirked as you saw him bite his lip from the corner of your eye. 

"Wanna play 3 on 3?"you ask him.

"Sure," he cheekily replied, "but may I ask for your name first?"

"Skyler," you answer.

You've gathered players and the game is starting at jump ball. You're player hits it back and you get the ball dribbling up the court when you run into a hard, toned body. You lift your head to see him staring lustful...

IWriteMyOwnWrongs19 IWriteMyOwnWrongs19 Nov 10, 2015
Scientists have done a research saying that the people who are a frail of spiders are more likely to find them in their room....
                              I'm reeeeaaaalllllly scared of Niall Horan
heyblahheyblah heyblahheyblah Dec 03, 2013
Can I have a dirty imagine of my own?
                              Lily Evans, 17, Niall and Louis threesome in the elevator, dark alley, beach, restaurant bathroom, or car (I like really weird and unique places)