Believe (A Justin Bieber Story) *COMPLETED*

Believe (A Justin Bieber Story) *COMPLETED*

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***Veiwer Discretion is advised***
Kayleigh is a 18 year old girl who has one dream, that dream is to meet Justin Drew Bieber. But who would have thought things would have gone this far this fast?  From a fan to Justin's new love interest. Kayleigh is struck with a few problems a long the way. Like, loosing her virginity to teen pop sensation, drinking. Partying. Sneaking behind her parents backs. She's changed.


Maggie xx

I have been to the Believe concert, and I have tickets for Purpose. I film parts and send them to fan accounts that wanted to go but couldn't.
Jennifer767 Jennifer767 Feb 27
If anyone wants to check out my jb fanfic I'd appreciate it... I don't really know how to get views and I would love feedback!!
Lol......yeah........I was in........
                              THREE FÜCKIN TEN
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biebsybaby biebsybaby Nov 10, 2013
Is there going to be a sequel? Please say yes this is so good