Frozen Scales

Frozen Scales

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Ash By ashfan23 Updated Jan 06, 2016

Every time I write this it always dissapears. I wouldn't. be surprised if no one sees this.

Kuroko No Basketball is NOT mine. Only the plot. 

"I like Tsumi more."

That phrase clawed at Kuroko's heart. They all threw me away. The fact that they did it by choice hurts me more.I thought were supposed to be friends. I thougt we were family. So why? I'm done with this. I just want to be alone forever.  Waiting quietly as the darkness swallows me up. What else can I do? Trust. Friendship. If this what it leads to I don't want it. 

Good-bye everyone.
Good-bye Generation of Miracles
Good-bye Seirin.
I hope you forget about me.

Man did write s sucky summery or what?

idiez99 idiez99 Nov 28, 2016
well, they're pretty blunt about it... they have no guilt  )^:
R_edge_ina R_edge_ina Dec 13, 2016
Favoritism. If i get kids, i'd never do that because, Man, that shite hurts.
idiez99 idiez99 Nov 28, 2016
I actually don't hate her... I just don't care about her. She seems like a boring person and stands out "too" much... I stay with my own kind. The Ignored, The unnoticed, The sometimes annoying but soon is forgiven. (^:
20susan02 20susan02 Jan 03, 2016
You know, I don't really think those are good parents. Like you don't just go and tell that you love one child more than the other
Seishina_Akashi Seishina_Akashi Dec 19, 2015
Tetsumi-san...Why are you like that? Can't you just forget the past of you two?
velvie- velvie- Dec 06, 2015
*another deep sigh*
                              First it was Momoi, now Tsumi...
                              *stabs ruthlessly*