Unexpected (Completed)

Unexpected (Completed)

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Elle Rease By ElleRease Completed

Wyatt's been Alpha for nearly a year, and is highly respected by his pack members.  His number one focus is to find a solution to the threat of hunters killing werewolves, so his entire world is turned upside down when he meets his mates.

That's right: mates, as in plural.

He's always considered himself a heterosexual male, yet he can't deny the pull he feels towards Nate, as well as the lovely Claire.  Amidst mergers and defence strategies to ensure werewolves' continued survival, he has to get to know the two people he will inevitably be spending the rest of his life with.

Will this ménage à trois work?

pinkforest pinkforest Mar 28, 2016
This is certainly different:) Could they be misinterpreting the signs?I have a feeling that I'm going to love Wyatt!!
darkdestiny darkdestiny Sep 23, 2014
It's perfect xD I really love Wyatt especially! He's cute too! It's really a lovely start!
dreamer37 dreamer37 Mar 01, 2013
@RudelleOosthuysen Will be waiting as always... sweets... :)
ElleRease ElleRease Mar 01, 2013
@dreamer37 Hehehe I'm glad!  My best friend thinks it's hilarious :P  I'll see when I can post more, 'cause I can't write that much since my semester started!  <3  Will let you know!
dreamer37 dreamer37 Mar 01, 2013
ahahahaha,....lol!!! I like this one you should upload more... :)