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Stucky Smut

Stucky Smut

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Claire By AngelMarrs Updated Jul 24, 2015

Give me idea's because I only had one idea and I don't think that I'll think of another one. I also made this because there are no other ones that I actually think that their short stories.

AvengersFan26 AvengersFan26 Aug 22, 2016
Wait since he's Mr. Rogers does he have a chair where he takes off his shoes 😂
Wolfleader38 Wolfleader38 Jun 29, 2016
I have 20 dirty jokes running through my head right now and I'm not going to say any of them
Zatanna323 Zatanna323 Jan 12
"You seem unusually big today, Steve. Not that I've seen your dick before or anything. . ."
crazyrainbows555 crazyrainbows555 Jul 03, 2016
Me and my friend started chanting "senor" as loud as we could. I truly aprpreciat that typo.
AngelMarrs AngelMarrs Jan 10
When I said then usual, I meant that they haven't had sex since 1938ish.