Blood of the Angels: MetaHumans  |Watty's 2017|

Blood of the Angels: MetaHumans |Watty's 2017|

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Fallen Angel By InsertRandomUsername Completed

Three kids were taken and submitted to torturous experiments. These experiments proved successful and the three kids evolved to something more. Something deemed unnatural yet powerful. With these newfound abilities they are forced to be soldiers.

Tai. He was the first successful MetaHuman. With abilities that allow him access anywhere and a charismatic attitude, he is naturally looked to as the de facto leader.

Aisha. She was the second MetaHuman. Her powers allow her to see something most people try to hide. Aisha is carefree in nature but with a personal connection to Gene Corp. , can she really be trusted?

Raphael. The third MetaHuman. Raphael's powers lend to his already angelic like presence. But with two very dark secrets, he is something more...something darker and more menacing.

They thought they were the only MetaHumans but with the arrival of three extremely powerful MetaHumans they are no longer alone. Join them as they realize the world around them is in a constant battle between two forces considered to be nothing more than religion based beings with nearly Omnipotent powers.

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MollsieWallsie MollsieWallsie Aug 06, 2017
Didn't take long for that sexual tension to start, haha. I love the story so far, the interactions between the characters are great!
kaikackles kaikackles Sep 10, 2017
Funny the character in my book is called Tai. But this book is probably much better than mine
pastel_pheonix pastel_pheonix Nov 17, 2017
Lol my little brother is called Tai, anyways this book is sooo good so far. You've done an amazing job!!
Carmisemauril Carmisemauril Jun 20, 2017
Hehehehe if I was him - what do u expect, your on top of me while I have a crush on you and I never get to jack off while thinking about u cause u gonna know , bitch don't act like u don't wanna ride on this
Hikarah Hikarah Aug 24, 2017
They're just jelly because they weren't picked or unable to do it.
Snow_Fall_ Snow_Fall_ Dec 31, 2016
Cool so far and kinda sounds like DC universe but still different