How To Annoy Black Butler Characters

How To Annoy Black Butler Characters

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this has the Black Butler CIEL of approval to annoying all your favourite characters!

jesus im one step closer to hell....

//please do not steal my work U-U
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I will teach him to like doggies. They are cute too. Dogs have a way to make people happy that is different from the cat's way
gilgameshsaberotp gilgameshsaberotp Nov 30, 2016
I would love to do all of that to see him hella pissed just for once but atst i dun wanna cuz he might kill me
tadelsa101 tadelsa101 Dec 29, 2016
* kills cats in front of him*  AHAHAHAHAHA  Sebatian: you will die 
                               TIME OF DEATH 2:03 AM
shallbonite shallbonite Aug 22, 2016
Omg I laughed so hard I started crying!!!!! Help my soul can't take this painnn!!!!!