You're not the only one....                   ×Book 1×

You're not the only one.... ×Book 1×

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Ruka had been abused all her life

She got beaten by her own grandparents for reasons sometimes unknown to her. She got beaten by other children from school as their source of personal entertainment. She was considered an unloved, unwanted girl

However, she was use to it

She was use to being called a waste of space. She was use to being glared at through such fierce eyes. She was use to being abused for no reason at all! She grew up with the assumption that she would always be unloved and that stuck with her firmly

Then one day the unthinkable happens, she ends up in a place, much different from the horrid and cruel lifestyle she once lived in Michigan and meets a boy just like her. She met a boy that had been abused and mistreated just as she had; she met a boy who had shared the same cruel fate!

She met Konoha's knucklehead ninja. Not afraid of anyone or anything, firm in his dream to become Hokage

She met her best friend

She met the love of her life

She met Naruto Uzamaki....

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What can be worse than stubbing your toe on the wall?? ah, that's right its archnemesis LEGOS!!
Bibbity bobnity back the fuk up, kakashi, I thought u knew better
EmberCelicaMk2 EmberCelicaMk2 Nov 12, 2017
Omg like every story where the emo bitch can sing.this better be a good book
Alex_Is_Unknown Alex_Is_Unknown Aug 23, 2017
My last grandparent on both sides died last year and she practically raised me most my life while my mom was in jail or on the streets.. Or in Indiana. I dont live with my parents
MisakiNS MisakiNS Apr 27
Didn’t think I’d see Angel here 😂😂 (The Anime she’s in is amazing. I cry every time I watch it..)