Being EXO Suho's Wife [COMPLETED]

Being EXO Suho's Wife [COMPLETED]

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SVT By CaratCarrots Completed

What happens to Aby, when she meets her UB, Suho from EXO and fall in love?

Will their relationship work out or not?
Will fans approve?


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whatusernameidkhaha whatusernameidkhaha Jun 06, 2017
I actually read this in his voice HAHAHHA anyways this story is good so far💗💗💗
Mayang-yannie Mayang-yannie Sep 08, 2017
Take it slowly boi, idol or not, she will still say no bc she don't know you that well
Mss_joo Mss_joo Feb 28, 2017
First chapter is damn! CUTE! I wish she would meet him ;-; <3
suhofirstlove suhofirstlove Dec 07, 2016
Its the most beautiful story ever ...keep up the good work girl..
Exone_04 Exone_04 Aug 26, 2016
i didn't expected to confess to me so fast 💔😂 
                              i wasn't ready 💖💔