Unexpected Love: A Dolan Twins FanFiction

Unexpected Love: A Dolan Twins FanFiction

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Paige Smith By paige__smith_ Completed

Miranda's POV

It was just another Monday morning, as my alarm clock goes off, I smack the clock and groan. Oh how I hate Monday's. 

I got out of bed and did what I normally do. Shower, get dressed, hair and breakfast. 

I walk back into my room and looked at the time it read 8:15 "shit!" I say under my breath. I missed my bus and I wasn't even close to ready, at least my dad wasn't home to lecture me about getting up earlier. 

I plopped down at my desk and started to do my everyday makeup. It just consisted of concealer, mascara and sometimes a natural eyeshadow. I throw on a blink 182 sweatshirt with leggings and my Uggs, since it's mid November. 

*at school*

I walk into hell and walk to my locker where I see my friend, Paige, leaning against my locker, on her phone.

"Hey." I say and shove her out of my way, playfully. Paige is like my only friend because I hate almost everyone but she's different like we're both just the same ugh I don't know how to explain it. But I love her, ...

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