Stuck - Larry Stylinson

Stuck - Larry Stylinson

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"You're different Louis.'s something about you that makes me feel connected to you and I don't know. You seem like you need a friend and I would love to be that person."

"I don't need anybody." 
"Everyone needs somebody."
"Not me."
"Yes, even you. If you won't let anybody in you'll stay stuck and never move on from whatever that happened. You'll be stuck here forever."
"You don't know anything." 
"That's because you wont tell me."

*Trigger warning for self-harm, suicidal thoughts and drug use*

Wanna read in hebrew?
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kileecham kileecham Jun 03, 2016
So did my dad when he said he would visit me its been 10 years and I'm only in middle school
abcdlarry abcdlarry Feb 17, 2016
Looking forward to reading this :D Sounds  amazing..LARRY <3
Superhero_Nerd_Steph Superhero_Nerd_Steph Apr 04, 2016
So did my mom when she said she was going to make it out of surgery alive.
stylinsonbutera stylinsonbutera Oct 20, 2016
I feel like this is gonna be a fanfic that fucks me up a lot
So did my math teacher when he said there was not going to be a test yesterday,  THERE WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!