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My Slave [Demon!DirkxHunter!Jake]

My Slave [Demon!DirkxHunter!Jake]

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The Dork Next Door By DirkJakelover Updated May 04, 2016

Today was a normal, warm and breezy, summer night in paradice city. Well, the locals call it normal for they are use to demons and hunters roaming around the area. Of course, majority of the locals support the hunters, but there are few that do tend to support the demons. Now, the four famous hunters in the area are Jake English (aka the leader of the hunters) , Jade Harley, John Egbert, and Jane Crocker. They extermainted most of the demons, but there were the weaker ones that still crawled around. The four demons they were more worried about are Dirk Strider (aka the leader of the demons), Dave Strider, Rose LaLonde, and Roxy LaLonde. This battle between them has been going on for two years now, and yet neither of them have seemed to be able to scratch the surrface of one another. Until today, something happened between the two leaders of each group. One side ending up good for them, then the other, well, bad. Shall we see what has happened? Thought so.

I knew he wouldn't be a strider without saying anything about dat ass
You should be glad smut is my career as I am a smut inspector
-smacks dirky in the back of the head- are u dum or just  a perver or both cuz u need more help than I do and I need way more than normal peeps
PinkuRome PinkuRome May 16
@ProxiDeLaRue creo q me voy a enganchar y encima es larguito
Tell me what you want what you really really want I'll tell you what I want what I really really want I wanta i wanta *then I don't know the rest*
I read "wrapped his arms around Dirk's waste and wrapped his legs around Dirk's neck"-