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Never Again: WinterWatcher- Wings of Fire Fanfic

Never Again: WinterWatcher- Wings of Fire Fanfic

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Eve is trash! By Feeling_Bookish Updated Sep 06, 2015

Ever since Winter left with his brother Hailstorm, Moon can't think. Every thought turns to him. Winter. The IceWing who broke her heart. 
She knows that never again will she give her heart away so freely.

[This takes place after Winter left Possibility (during the 7th book). 
Take note that this was written before Escaping Peril was released, so it is my version of the story, not the actual one.]

What does the 'vote' do?
                              I had no idea, so on your Queen Scarlet's Story story I voted on basically every chapter... XD
jadewolf334 jadewolf334 Nov 19, 2016
Yay!!! This is so good already!!! (Although I personally ship Qibli x Moon (don't know how to make that into a ship name...)) I love all your WoF books, and this seems like it will be no exception! :D
Natalierk1 Natalierk1 Jan 01, 2016
I'm a giant Winterwatcher shipper, but i was thinking that Wintermoon or Moonwinter would sound cooler.
staRspeakeR75x staRspeakeR75x Jul 29, 2015
NEED. MORE. this after when kinkajou gets smashed into a tree? i think? maybe? havent read book 7
YearlyAquariAce YearlyAquariAce Jul 28, 2015
My gosh you are a wonderful writer :D
                              I loved this! I need more quick XD m
JaydGreen JaydGreen Jul 28, 2015
Three moons! Please write more soon! Winterwatcher is my OTP and I can't live with out it!