Deadpool x reader

Deadpool x reader

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Some Geeky fangirl By ComicHunter Updated Aug 25, 2015

A.N. Ok, this chapter is just about your backstory, so it doesn't really include Deadpool, but I promise the others will! Oh and of course these chapters will include blood, gore and bad language.

It was a heavy thunderstorm at some asylum in New York, down the hallway a woman's scream was heard, followed by the crying of a newborn baby. "My baby! give me my baby back!" The woman cried out as she tried to reach for her baby girl. "No! give me (name) back! I want my baby! please! you can't do this!" she cried once more, but it was no use. She watched her baby get carried out of the room, before she could get out of control, she was injected with a lethal dose of sedatives.

5 years later...

There you sat in your cell with a small straitjacket on, you're just a small and sweet 5 year old child, born into this asylum, never even had a taste of freedom before, you heard a knock on the door, as it creaked open your heart beat raised, were they coming to do experiments on you again? as soo...

TheGreenNinjasBae TheGreenNinjasBae Jun 23, 2016
Defo sounds like me at secondary lol arggggggg i fuckin hate u all
FoxySittinPretty FoxySittinPretty Oct 14, 2016
Am I the only one that was like " THIS IS ME ON SO MANY LEVELS!"
lovelybookcat lovelybookcat Apr 11, 2016
OMG this is driving me insane! Thief is spelt THIEF not theif omg I'm sorry
winter_theskelewolf winter_theskelewolf Jul 31, 2016
* closes eyes and opens my neon eyes turning red * sound like my other half~
1975aesthetics 1975aesthetics Feb 19, 2016
Voices in mah head
                              Voice 1: YES! Blood and gore and guts everywhere! Life doesn't get any bett-omg bad language yes! This is already an awesome fanfic!
                              Voice 2: are a violent persone😐
hxuntedghosts hxuntedghosts Mar 26, 2016
This would make a good story where the reader becomes friends with the Joker and Harley