The mixed Breed

The mixed Breed

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Mother's pov

"Jonathan! We must hurry; I can feel it, they're coming for her!" I yelled, holding my new born baby in my arms. I hope to god she doesn't wake up, I thought as I slowly rocked her back in forth.

"I will not allow them to kill you" I whispered lowly as I looked down at my precious baby, smiling back my tears. She's already so beautiful.

She was still asleep as I cradled her. She's my baby and I'll protect her no matter what even if it means I give up my own life. This angel means the world to me and I've only had her with me for a few days. I slowly gently put her down into her crib, the separation from her already beginning to seep in, I closed my eyes tightly fighting back my tears. "Evelyn?" Johnathan sweet voice bringing me back to reality.

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horansbish horansbish Jul 19, 2016
But, is the baby a she or a he ? Because first she said her , and now his . So??
HighlyToxicWriter HighlyToxicWriter Jan 18, 2016
This is a really good prologue, nice work, and no worries on the editing! it looks pretty good to me, I don't even think I noticed any mistakes reading it.
tarajillean15 tarajillean15 Jan 12, 2016
The prologue has always caught me off guard, and its so eye catching I love it!
the_extraordinary the_extraordinary May 22, 2015
is it just me or didnt thiis book have maaany more chapters?
MaryamAbdo MaryamAbdo Mar 03, 2015
Don't eat McDonalds but, 
                              "Ba-Ra, Ba-Ba-Ba I'm lovin' it!" =D
sukidesuollie sukidesuollie Dec 07, 2014
I just started reading this. I usually don't read a book that has many chapters and many pages because it is a waste of time, but I think this book is worth it.