Named after the lunar goddess, Artemis. 

When a human with no wolf blood takes her first shift, things crumble down. 

On her 18th birthday Artemis shifts into her pure white wolf. 

She soon discovers that her entire life is written In a prophecy, but what if the prophecy isn't what it turns out to be. 

Secrets are uncovered and sacrifices are made. 

"Peace is expensive" ~ Artemis

  • alpha
  • artemis
  • assassin
  • elders
  • friends
  • goddess
  • killer
  • lies
  • mate
  • prophecy
  • romance
  • silver
  • sisters
  • wattys2015
  • werewolf
  • wolf
lol now I have this picture of a pirate with a wooden leg and an eye patch stuck in my head.
SCharles38 SCharles38 May 03
Typical teen
                              Let's walk down a dark alley in the middle of the nights smh
Yeah because walking into an alley at almost midnight next to a bar is the sensible thing to do
abigail_faith03 abigail_faith03 Nov 04, 2016
Y can't it be Grayson or something else Itz always xavier😡👿👿👿😡😁🔫
Sylvera_Jade Sylvera_Jade May 11, 2016
I just now remembered that name. I put it in one of my stories but it said Alexandrya with a y instead of an I.
chector53 chector53 Dec 29, 2016
She 18 and was not prepared to shift into a wolf, her parents suck.