Septiplier One-Shots

Septiplier One-Shots

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A series of oneshots that express the love Jack and Mark share. Join us along this journey and watch these two goobers as they explore many prompts and ideas~

These fics are in no way associated with Markiplier or Jacksepticeye. It is purely a fan work. Please do not assume that this is serious, it's purely fiction and it is not connected to the actual human beings whatsoever.

not appropriate for all ages. If you are under 18, PLEASE skip past the chapters that have a warning on them.

[The characters and work are under copyright protection and may not be used without our written prior approval]

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Nightwhisker17 Nightwhisker17 Jul 03, 2017
I love how I see this comment bubble out of the corner of my eye & it says 121 wtf
tcrrificd tcrrificd Jul 20, 2017
RUN!! FOOK HE FOUND OUT! *begins running, wiggling my arms and slams into brick wall* DAMMIT! HARRY SAID IT'D WORK
CrazyNekoGamer CrazyNekoGamer May 05, 2017
Mac and cheese is Thomas Jefferson's bae...
                              I know nobody here knows Hamilton HA
DerpFacedCoconut DerpFacedCoconut Mar 06, 2017
*Hides chloroform and rag behind my back* Uhm yeah.. Errmm.. We defiantly aren't going to kidnap you..
SkyeNightFury SkyeNightFury Feb 26, 2017
Step 1: Boil water in a pot
                              Step 2: add noodles
                              Step 3: stir.
                              Step 4: put in strainer
                              Step 5: put back in pot once water is strained
                              Step 6: add cheese
                              Step 7: add milk
                              Step 8: serve
DerpFacedCoconut DerpFacedCoconut Mar 06, 2017
Because that's how he was created
                              "Just a dash of hotness.." (∩ȍロȍ)⊃━☆゚.*
                              BOOM! Jackaboy was made.