text me back >> joshler

text me back >> joshler

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not living up to it By folie_adork Completed

when tyler finds josh's instagram he scrolls through his pictures. turns out the guy has good music taste, can play drums, has nice hair, and is kinda cute. not to mention he put his kik user in his bio

you will also probs be triggered by all the horrible puns and references sorry not sorry


lowercase intended

*clicks tongue and weird effect closeup makes her face look weird* nOiCe
Are we not going to address the fact he turned his phone off and waited for it to buzz. I dont know much about phones and im probably wrong and stupid but if its off i dont think you get alerts
- - Sep 02
I love how ppl are quoting like 4 different songs on this one
Boy stop overreacting thinking you're gonna die just by tripping on your jeans .-.
like an old mans hair receding...*intense inhale and ear rape* IM BLEEDING, PLEADING