Safe Haven {Mpreg} ON HOLD

Safe Haven {Mpreg} ON HOLD

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The Twinklinson Stories By LouisTwinklinson Updated Jan 29, 2016

ON HOLD (1-8-16) 

Louis Tomlinson is a pregnant young adult living in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse. 

He meets: Harry, Zayn, Liam, and Niall while being clawed at by 5 zombies from the top of a car. 

They decide it's cool to bring him as apart of their group. 

I don't know if this is going to be Larry...ot5..ot4...0t3 or any other ship yet. I know there WILL be a ship, we'll see which :)

buzzlxrry buzzlxrry Jun 23, 2016
'flesh eating fuckers' 'i need to clear my throat noise' 'a nice dessert of brains' 😂😂😂 jeez i love this
StylinsonMyQueen StylinsonMyQueen Jun 23, 2016
I don't know why I'm laughing and I can imagine this really good
shtyles shtyles Nov 04, 2016
But like, imagine smol sassy Louis yelling at zombie Harry for following him everywhere
swiftcantdance swiftcantdance Dec 18, 2016
in a way this reminds me of the beginning of the last of us but i have idea how
moonbain moonbain Oct 20, 2015
Lmao my answer to everything
                               Brother: why you eating anothe-
                              Me: Because I can!
iilovewatpadd iilovewatpadd Sep 12, 2015
Lol me to all my fav fanfictions and then seeing another fav fanfiction written by the same person