Safe Haven {Mpreg} *On Hold*

Safe Haven {Mpreg} *On Hold*

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The Twinklinson Stories By LouisTwinklinson Updated Jan 25, 2017

Louis Tomlinson is a pregnant young adult living in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse. 

He meets: Harry, Zayn, Liam, and Niall while being clawed at by 5 zombies from the top of a car. 

They decide it's cool to bring him as apart of their group. 

I don't know if this is going to be Larry...ot5..ot4...0t3 or any other ship yet. I know there WILL be a ship, we'll see which :)

classicaldiva classicaldiva Apr 08, 2017
Cause u do whatever I want, if people don't like it then fck them, like I don't see you writing anything so why r u complaining, I hate when others do that....
pandanalove pandanalove Jan 26, 2017
When the book gets updated so you go all the way back to the beginning
moonbain moonbain Oct 20, 2015
Lmao my answer to everything
                               Brother: why you eating anothe-
                              Me: Because I can!
iilovewatpadd iilovewatpadd Sep 12, 2015
Lol me to all my fav fanfictions and then seeing another fav fanfiction written by the same person
LowQualityLarry LowQualityLarry Jul 04, 2015
Girl!! You are too sweet!!! And I just got back from camp so get your sorry aśs on Twitter and talk to me! :*
LowQualityLarry LowQualityLarry Jul 04, 2015
This is what I think every time you tell me a story idea XD but I know this one will be just as good as your others