A Fiery Love ~ Dramione (Sequel to Stay By My Side)

A Fiery Love ~ Dramione (Sequel to Stay By My Side)

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Nicole Marie By NickiTxox Updated Aug 20, 2016

This is the sequel for Stay By My Side (located on my profile) so I suggest that you read that before you move on to this. 

For the first time, Hermione is set on experiencing a new life outside of Hogwarts. With supportive friends, Draco Malfoy as her Boyfriend whom she plans on marrying one day, and one step closer to becoming a fully qualified healer. Everything couldn't possibly be any more perfect. However, things take a shocking and sudden turn when a face from the past re-appears in Draco and Hermione's life and threatens to destroy all they have worked for. Draco's and Hermione's relationship will be tested in many ways she never thought was possible. "Happily Ever After" seems like just a saying to Hermione as Draco's behaviour changes radically in disturbing ways, leaving her fearful for the future. 

DISCLAIMER:  I do not own any of the character's such as Hermione, Draco, Harry, Ginny, Ron etc as they all rightfully belong to the very talented JK Rowling.  I am merely a huge HP fan who enjoys writing fanfic stories from my perspective. However, I AM responsible for the story-lines/character developments/scenario's etc that comes with this book and I take any cases of copying very seriously.

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BakaSenseiX BakaSenseiX Aug 02, 2017
So I see that you haven't updated this story since December, and I think I'm gonna leave myself with the completion of the first book, until this is finished. I really hope you return soon, this series is amazing.
Are you going to update any time soon cause the last time you did was a little over a year ago and before you updated every week... Please update soon, I love this story and I really want to know what happens...
FireNugget FireNugget Jan 27, 2017
I literaly just got Wattpad so I could read the sequel to this
GiveMeAttentionPls GiveMeAttentionPls Dec 26, 2015
I'm dreading this I don't read books that are not finished so I'm making an exception for you
lizajane_ lizajane_ Aug 12, 2015
yaaaaaaaay, thank you so so so much for writing a sequel, I loved stay by me!!!!!
ashleycheesecakes ashleycheesecakes Aug 12, 2015
Right after I read Stay By My Side, I came to this
                              It's just how awesome you are :)