The Lycan's Mate

The Lycan's Mate

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She feel their smell. 

She feel their aura. 

She feel their emotions. 

She is not what a normal human would have imagined. She is the worst nightmare of the elders of the werewolves. 

Meet Zoe Osborn an orphan girl who becomes the owner of the multinational company at the age of just thirteen years. 

Meet Ashton Hale who is an alpha in line of the largest werewolves pack. They say when you first see your mate you feel butterflies in your stomach. Theirs is a jolt of electricity going all around your body, time seems to stop and their smell is the best scent that you have ever smelt. But nothing happens when he meets her. He just feels some emotion towards her but the problem arises when he can't even smell her scent. Even if she is not his mate at least she should have some smell. But she is not normal like all others. Nobody can smell her. 

What is the secret behind this? Why everyone in supernatural world are afraid of her especially the elders.

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