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Mysterious Summer {A Dipper X Reader X Bill - Gravity Falls}

Mysterious Summer {A Dipper X Reader X Bill - Gravity Falls}

141K Reads 4.4K Votes 35 Part Story
Cuddles the Alpaca By LittleFluffyAlpaca Completed

y/n l/n, a girl who was gifted in inventing machines and human like figures, One day meets a strange person who changed Gravity Falls in her eyes forever but another person, around her age, appears and tries to win her heart. Who will she choose? The choice is yours!

Labgirl11 Labgirl11 Dec 29, 2016
I like cats but I'm alergic so I have my next favourite animal a dog
TeartheNeko TeartheNeko Dec 17, 2016
I technically have 10 cats so yeah.... But... I LOVE MY KITTEHS!! 😍😍
People might find this hard to believe but my mom would do one off those wrestling moves where you jump on someone and hit them with your elbow if I don't get up when she tells me to
cattikitty11 cattikitty11 Dec 15, 2016
do dont do that!
                              it has baby arms in there...
                              i cook babies...
popbobrob popbobrob Nov 29, 2016
I found out that I was feeding 9 cats! Don't ask; long story, so little time....
XxJessTheWolfxX XxJessTheWolfxX Nov 26, 2016
You should see me I look like sans the skeleton I have the shorts and a big puffy blue jacket.