Unholy Star

Unholy Star

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Peer Glen By PeerGlen Updated Sep 21

Darkness festers behind a veil of age-old tradition setting the scene for a horrific murder that will send the Skyean Kingdom into havoc and send a young technopath on a journey with no return.

Unholy Star is a stand-alone story linked to the events in the Watty winning story Companionship, Beyond Flesh.

This is space opera ... technopaths, alchemists, death squad 8, augers, genies, churchmen death dealers, drudic nature cultists, star templars, space raiders, sunbeamers,  the nephilim juggernauts and more!

Flagged as Mature but nothing over the top. 

Writing this for Wattpad and is all a first draft so would love to hear what you think (good or bad) ... please comment or PM me :) Happy reading!!

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JustYourLuckk JustYourLuckk Jul 06, 2016
I love your story! The concept is really fascinating, and the books draws me in as a reader. Maybe you can check my story out as well?
suvachana suvachana Aug 04, 2016
Wow! I like how the tensions between the sentients and the robots is depicted, getting a 'visual' on that....and the slow panning, zooming to focus on what was in that tear-drop!
RosyCarmelina RosyCarmelina Jul 14, 2015
Captivating, delightfully, with a scary note that just might grow...:)
shalonsims shalonsims Jul 11, 2015
Yes, I agree with Will completely. It's very strong writing and an excellent start. Super excited to read more writing from you, even if it's not Companionship.
                              I love the names in this and the story idea, feels very realistic. Can't wait to read more!