Unholy Star

Unholy Star

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Peer Glen By PeerGlen Updated Jul 14

Darkness festers behind a veil of age-old tradition setting the scene for a horrific murder that will send the Skyean Kingdom into havoc and send a young technopath on a journey with no return.

Unholy Star is a stand-alone story linked to the events in the Watty winning story Companionship, Beyond Flesh.

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JustYourLuckk JustYourLuckk Jul 06, 2016
I love your story! The concept is really fascinating, and the books draws me in as a reader. Maybe you can check my story out as well?
suvachana suvachana Aug 04, 2016
Wow! I like how the tensions between the sentients and the robots is depicted, getting a 'visual' on that....and the slow panning, zooming to focus on what was in that tear-drop!
RosyCarmelina RosyCarmelina Jul 14, 2015
Captivating, delightfully, with a scary note that just might grow...:)
shalonsims shalonsims Jul 11, 2015
Yes, I agree with Will completely. It's very strong writing and an excellent start. Super excited to read more writing from you, even if it's not Companionship.
                              I love the names in this and the story idea, feels very realistic. Can't wait to read more!