Fame took over you.||Camila/You

Fame took over you.||Camila/You

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Lalalalalalala~ By lolwothehe Updated Mar 23, 2016

3 years. 3 god dam years since you last saw Camila. Camila is your bestfriend before she even audition for the X factor. 

The thing is you guys have been childhood buddies, you guys can never be separated but little did you know, fame separated you both.... 
Fame took over Camila. 

 She wasn't there when you needed her the most. She promised you that she would be but now the promises are in the rubbish bin. 

What do you think will happen when you bump into her? What if you decided to speak up? What if you told her that fame took over her? Will she change?

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HushPark300 HushPark300 Jun 22
Women U didn't reply back so stahp making it seem like y/n's fault.
_GayAf_ _GayAf_ Oct 25, 2016
Bitch mind your business , that's what happened to my dad dang😭
its probably just me but when i hear the name shawn i think of mendes lol. oops sorry. but other than that i love it!
_GayAf_ _GayAf_ Oct 25, 2016
She technically didn't forget about you , if she saw u and knew who u were😭
MurderForBeauty MurderForBeauty Aug 18, 2015
I'm almost 16 and I still forget how to tie my own shoes because I only used Velcro until I was 8