The Lone Wolf (Loki x (Werewolf)Reader)

The Lone Wolf (Loki x (Werewolf)Reader)

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xxTheRuntxx By xxTheRuntxx Updated Oct 18, 2015

Sorry for the bad book cover :( and this was based on a song , Three Days Grace - On My Own 
Loki remembered.

He remembered how he always lived..
in his brother's shadow...

His brother...

How their father always favored him..

How everyone was sure that he was the one that was going to become the king of Asgard..

How he was the righteous son of Odin that did nothing wrong..

How he was prefect..

How he achieved whatever he wished for..

How he was the charismatic child that got whatever he wanted without even trying..


Because he was Thor..

And Loki remembered that..

He remembered it every morning he woke up..everyday.. every hour of the day..he remembered it..

And that's why he hated him..

Yes he hated Thor..he hated him for always achieving whatever goal he set..for always getting what he wanted..for getting..what Loki wanted..

He hated him for that..for always being better than Loki..for doing what Loki ...

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