Silver (Kakashi's Sister) (A Naruto Fanfic)

Silver (Kakashi's Sister) (A Naruto Fanfic)

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(Sequel to Glass) (Slow Editing) | Kazumi Hatake has now weaved her way into the criminal system, completing many missions for the criminal organisation known as the Akatsuki. Her image still haunts the shinobi at Konoha, the hole she had made unfilled, yet they've all moved on, growing stronger in the years she was gone.

But now that the Akatsuki have finally began their search for the Tailed Beasts, Kazumi's now back in the Leaf shinobis' lives. Although instead of being considered a friend, she's now considered an enemy, a presence that threatens Konoha's tranquility. As painful as it is, Kazumi and the Leaf ninja are bound to collide with each other once again due to their sides clashing. 

Although there's one question that lurks on both the Hokage and the Akatsuki's minds: Will Kazumi be able to effectively complete her missions when pitted against the Leaf ninja? And will the Leaf ninja be able to do the same?

I have mixed emotions with Hidan. At the same time I wanna punch and hug him.
Uh, shmurr, I don't get art, so dis question is necessary
                              Is her shirt sleeveless or sleeved? 'Cause I see two lines... welp
Ahh, I think it means this is the beginning of a part like , past the filler episodes and into the main plot or something
_kyami_ _kyami_ May 31
He went from basically flirting with her to okay b*tch Leader-Sama..."
Rereading this and I remember Hidan , I realize I do ship the Hidan and Kazumi ship
                              Is it weird to ship it ?
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                              And so long too...
                              Note the sarcasm~