Threatened, Hugged and Married. [#Wattys2015]

Threatened, Hugged and Married. [#Wattys2015]

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"Stop me." He breathed on my neck. 

"Maria, stop me before I lose myself." He continued tracing my neck with the tip of his nose, with his hands on the mirror as he breathed soft puffs of breath on my bare skin soothing the heated skin there for a moment before it got even hotter than before. I was gasping for air from his closeness and intoxicating touch. 

Maria listen to him and tell him to stop. Maria, getting lost in whatever this is, isn't like you. You've saved this for your husband so please snap out of it and stop him. 


25 years old Maria Hussain, a doctor by profession, had never had any guy friends let alone a boyfriend because being a Muslim she's not allowed to and she doesn't want to be unfair to her future husband. But when she's betrayed by her friend, Sarah, she has to deal with the mess her friend left behind. A hot big bad alpha male-mess, who enters her personal space, torturing her and causing her to blush. 

30 years old Adam Mustafa, hidden CEO of a successful business by day and a gang leader by night, is not a practicing Muslim. When Sarah runs off with his money, he goes after the one friend of hers in the city, Maria and makes her life a living hell along with moments of his pervertedness. Cursing being his middle name doesn't help either. 

But how did they end up being married? Would this marriage work? Would Maria be able to find out about his secrets and rescue him from his dark life? Or would she be dragged in it herself? 

Read to find out. 

• A Muslim lovestory set in Pakistan [some Islamically offensive stuff in a few chapters since the purpose of this book is not to preach Islam. It merely has Muslim characters that are not perfect Muslims. And the genre is romance and not spiritual for a reason]

• PG-15 [Language warning and slightly mature content]

• Highest ranking so far 
#34 in Romance 
Dated : 21st Nov' 2015

LASTLY : Even though the title should've insinuated on arrogant rude guy/shy girl relationship (tho

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ZK0007 ZK0007 Nov 28, 2017
I keep reading Adam like in the Christian way i don't know why
ZK0007 ZK0007 Nov 28, 2017
Me too whats the point of it sometimes life is more complicated than maths
ZK0007 ZK0007 Nov 29, 2017
Is he doing what i think his doing or is it just i have a dirty mind
ZK0007 ZK0007 Nov 29, 2017
Was good except for that jerk i swear i'll mess up that beautiful face of his
ZK0007 ZK0007 Nov 29, 2017
She actually thinks he needs to go to a hospital omg i can't believe this
ZK0007 ZK0007 Nov 28, 2017
Haha lol "curse properly or don't curse at all" i totally agree