Insomnia - Stydia

Insomnia - Stydia

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Au || Human


Two insomniacs, a boy and a girl. A boy that knows everything about a certain strawberry blond, and a certain strawberry blonde that knows nothing about an eccentric yet loyal boy. Two insomniacs that band together to rid each other of their nightmares, somehow finding love along the way.

amazing cover by the beautiful and talented gabbi (@typicalbish)♡

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This playlist is one of the best ones I've ever seen put together!!!😍😍
New story: Our Heroic Protagonist Stiles and His Brilliant Lydia  (Stydia)
SnigdaEvans SnigdaEvans May 26, 2016
You Are Freakin' Awesome!! 
                              <3 Really loved the first chapter itself!
Nightrainbow13 Nightrainbow13 Dec 28, 2016
You have good taste in music (Somebody told me is like one of my favorite songs by The Killers)
- - May 15, 2016
That last sentence sounded REALLY kinky!! Omfg #MyDirtyMind Christo Jesus!!!
startedat13 startedat13 Oct 18, 2015
I think I'm gonna like this story :) especially because teen wolf is my life!