1001 lovers (Hetalia x reader)

1001 lovers (Hetalia x reader)

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Vinyl Scratch By DubStepBrony1987 Updated Feb 13, 2016

After a raging fire you are left with no parents and no phone.  With no other option, you live a lonely life with your grandma.  This is unfortunate because she has been acting very strange lately.  However, she loves you and cares for you so you don't complain.

You and your grandma have to move to an isolated island off the cost of the Atlantic ocean.  She doesn't tell you why but she makes it clear that you must move immediately.  

On the island you surprisingly make a lot  of new friends.  It takes you a while to realize that these friends are more important than you would expect...

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Icantnames Icantnames Apr 09
Literally my math teacher.
                               "Nobody finished this entire packet in the 10 minutes I gave you? Well! I guess you have a test now!"
*Sits in a corner on a chair that is on a desk balancing on a book* still legal
My grandma told me to beat them, pickpocket, and wait for the others
littlesmigg littlesmigg Apr 15
“YoU’rE nOt GeTtInG pReGnAnT oN mY jUnGlE gYm!” Why did it remind me of that??
UnK0Wn_AimZ UnK0Wn_AimZ Mar 14
Pas-- *looks around* ta..... HOLY CHRIST ALL MIGHTY THAT WAS FAST
OliviaB2403 OliviaB2403 Mar 29
At least she doesn't have to get out the frying pan. Hopefully.....