1001 lovers (Hetalia x reader)

1001 lovers (Hetalia x reader)

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Vinyl Scratch By DubStepBrony1987 Updated Feb 13, 2016

After a raging fire you are left with no parents and no phone.  With no other option, you live a lonely life with your grandma.  This is unfortunate because she has been acting very strange lately.  However, she loves you and cares for you so you don't complain.

You and your grandma have to move to an isolated island off the cost of the Atlantic ocean.  She doesn't tell you why but she makes it clear that you must move immediately.  

On the island you surprisingly make a lot  of new friends.  It takes you a while to realize that these friends are more important than you would expect...

rikuuna rikuuna Jan 07
White crop top with gray jacket and black leggings. Plain gray cap and white jordans. 💯🔥 💁🏻
Wow....not the best line....and I thought France was the city of love...
Misamea Misamea Dec 03, 2016
... no I think Germany just really had to go to the bathroom *facepalm*
MaoKaru MaoKaru Feb 05
So... no italy..? *laughs* heheh i wanted italy to be with germany~! anyway~ i wanted Russia and England... And maybe... Prussia.. and america.... and all the others..? .///.
It's 96 countries right? Although if you don't count Taiwan, there's 95.
😂 Girlfriend?!? Ya mean BOYFRIEND?? Hehe. My ship tho. XD