I'm okay.....Trust me(Complete)

I'm okay.....Trust me(Complete)

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I'm Amanda Green and I'm depressed but it's okay I'm always okay.

I'm not as skinny as the others girls.

I'm not as pretty as the other girls.

I'm just not anything....I'm nothing...I'm okay.

"Hey what are those marks on your arms?"

"There nothing..."

"Why don't you eat anymore?"

"I'm just not hungry."

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm okay....."

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Dull blonde hair???? Lifeless blue eyes????? These are some of the most wanted traits!? (kinda hurts also because it describes me)
When I read this I was reading it so for some odd reason I sang it. Lol
I just realized that I have said every single one of those things in the media
That's my favorite song! I didn't even have to play it to know what it was! All I saw were those few words and I just started singing it in my head
sJoseph22 sJoseph22 Nov 14
Anthony is my brothers name...... this might get a little awkward 😂😂
notttoday notttoday Dec 27, 2016
It's amazing that at my school, there are people who do this and nothing happens. People just leave.