Supernatural Imagines

Supernatural Imagines

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angel of the lord By twilightrails Updated 10 hours ago

just some random supernatural imagines and preferences that I decided to write. 

if you have a request you can message me or comment on the request form!
(the first few imagines are really crappy but I swear they get better)

{characters are not mine}

Character: Sam(as well as others in it)
                              Plot: Sam and dean found you getting harrast by a shifter and surprisingly you didn't die and deans a bit mean but Sam is really kind to you so etc
- - Dec 19, 2016
                              I am also a hunter. While on a hunt with the boys, the supernatural thing takes me and Dean rescues me
Artbrainwasher Artbrainwasher Sep 19, 2016
Name: Fiona
                              Character: Reader x Supernatural 
                              Plot: Dean is the readers husband and it's Halloween and he keeps scaring the reader so the reader puts a spell on him that makes him super flirty!
-allons_y- -allons_y- Aug 09, 2016
Name: Ally
                              Nickname: none
                              Plot: She became a hunter after her family was killed when a few years later she met the Winchesters... Ends up fluffy
MrsThorinOakenshield MrsThorinOakenshield Aug 28, 2016
Character: Winchesters x Sister!Reader
                              Plot: someone close to the reader has died and the boys comfort him/her/them
                              Anything else: FLUFFFFFF
-frenchiest-fry -frenchiest-fry May 25, 2016
My name is Gabrielle but people call me Gabby/Gibby.
                              We go on a hunt with the Winchesters and we all split up (Sam and Dean and Gabriel and me) and while hiding he confesses his love towards me