Supernatural Imagines

Supernatural Imagines

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noelle By thebeestrees Updated May 12

(requests closed)

just some random supernatural imagines and preferences that I decided to write. 

if you have a request you can message me or comment on the request form!!

Updates will be scarce until I get a new laptop. Bare (bear?) with me lol. 

(the first few imagines are really crappy but I swear they get better)

{characters are not mine}

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_____Whatever_____ _____Whatever_____ Mar 18, 2017
Name: Shayla
                              Nickname: Shay
                              Character: Castiel 
                              Plot: It doesn't matter
LynnStevens_17 LynnStevens_17 May 05, 2017
Name: Lynn
                              Hair Color: black
                              Eye color: brown
                              Your age: 14
                              Hair Length: shoulder length
                              Ski Color: Pale
                              Favorite Color: Orange/Blue
rebelprincess16 rebelprincess16 May 15, 2017
Name: Alex 
                              H/C: dirty blonde
                              E/C : Blue 
                              Y/N/N : Bugs princess or angel
                              Y/A : 32 
                              H/L : Long
                              S/C Light skinned 
                              F/C : Purple
dlusby3175 dlusby3175 Oct 02, 2017
Name: Tris
                              H/C: Dirty blonde with natural highlights
                              E/C: Grey/ blue
                              N: Tri
                              A: 21
                              H/L: Very long
                              F/C: Blue
PrincessGrierDallas PrincessGrierDallas Mar 19, 2017
Black hair, brown eyes, shoulder length hair, brown skin 
                              Character: Dean 
                              Plot: I get jealous of him flirting with some girl so I give him a taste of his own medicine but I take it a little too far
Ranbows12 Ranbows12 Jan 07, 2017
Character: Sam(as well as others in it)
                              Plot: Sam and dean found you getting harrast by a shifter and surprisingly you didn't die and deans a bit mean but Sam is really kind to you so etc