Fuck boy || Ziam

Fuck boy || Ziam

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Michaella By Fakezain Completed

fakeliampayne: nudes?

niazkilam: I ain't about that life

Au where Liam Payne is the biggest fuck boy you will ever meet.

_batchi _batchi Oct 22
Once upon a time, a boy liked a boy. And that boy liked the other boy. They liked each other. But the boy didn't wanna break the other boys heart. So they didn't talk. They didn't have a happily ever after. It ended in tears in depression
well um ok if you say so once upon a time long long ago lived liams dick....... you get it cause his dick is never mind
Irlose94 Irlose94 Oct 08
Once upon a time not long ago, I was a ho.
                              And im admitting it, i wont take it back
                              Cause i did the shitt
                              I was a ho
One day there was a reunion concert for 1D with special appearance from Zen. Zen and Liam had awkward sexual tension and did cheeky bum secks on stage
                              The End
vscogrande vscogrande Aug 28
Once upon a time 
                              There was grayson and ethan
                              And a tissue named tish
                              They got married and had many tishies
                              The end
Yay! Long ago there were two boys named Harry and Louis and they love each other very much so did Zayn and Liam so they adopted a child named Nial THE END