Vengeance [Avengers Fanfiction]

Vengeance [Avengers Fanfiction]

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Cory Whitworth By _quirky_ Completed

He murdered everyone I loved. He fed me lies, hid me from what he really was. A monster.  As I was escaping, he swore he would find me, punish me, that he wouldn't stop until he saw me again. Well, that day may come sooner than he thinks because I made a vow, too. A vow to never rest, never sleep until I kill him. 

I will get my vengeance, even if I die trying.

Quinn is a vigilante who is recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D. to help the Avengers kill monsters called demons, who suck out your soul, kill you, and then, if you're having a really bad day, devour you. 

What seems like a series of attacks is uncovered to be much, much more complicated and deadly, with hidden secrets and dark pasts. But for Quinn, nothing can stop her from killing the man she once called father, because he will pay for what he did, even if it kills her.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Marvel characters or Lucius Fox, who is a DC character.


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unode555 unode555 Mar 12, 2016
This beginning is very good. It could use some trimming, less words to make her escape more urgent to the reader. The slimmer the writing, the faster we "run" with the character ;)
pantufla007 pantufla007 Mar 29, 2016
She laughs because she's getting lightheaded. All that running makes her heart pump blood out of her wounds, so she's losing blood like crazy probably.
united_under_skyfall united_under_skyfall Sep 03, 2015
This is wonderfully written! I was so anxious for the next chapter I nearly forgot to vote...and that wouldn't have been good, because you deserve the votes! (Or at least I think so....)
- - Mar 23, 2015
                              First. HOLY CRAPOLA
                              Dat intro.
                              THOSE COMMENTS.
                              THEY ARE HUGE.
- - Sep 06, 2014
everyone is saying things  that sound like an English essay while there's me going bloody hell that was amazing!
acuriousmetaphor acuriousmetaphor Jul 15, 2014
Just finished the very first part, and I'm very intrigued. It seems interesting so far, and is very well written. You gave enough the keep a reader interested, but held enough back to keep one wanting to keep going. Great job!