What's Inside Me (ERERI)

What's Inside Me (ERERI)

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Eren was just like any other 15 year old. He laughed, joked, got into normal teenage trouble, he was a good kid. He was kind to everyone and shy at times. Eren was never the type to really put anyone in a bad spot, he liked to keep himself from standing out. 

But all that seemed to change. He was how center of attention in that courtroom he stood in. All eyes were on him as he was given his sentence for murder. 

While hidden away in prison Eren in met by strange people who would he would soon call friends while others will be enemy. But his biggest enemy may just be himself

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1OverlyObsessed1 1OverlyObsessed1 Jul 11, 2017
Snap back to reality ope there goes gravity nope he so mad but he won't give up that easy
GetDatJeagerAss GetDatJeagerAss Jun 22, 2017
I feel off my bike racing once. I just played in the middle of the parking lot, knee bleeding
23crystaloskij 23crystaloskij Jul 08, 2017
I thought it said jerked. WHY DO I HAVE SUCK A DIRTY MIND?!?! (because I read too much yaoi)
Maroon_Shota Maroon_Shota Jul 10, 2017
Bruh we still don't know who was killed and I rlly hope rn it's not Mikasa... it better not be. I'm stressed.
When I was in elementary school, we left home early on Wednesday as well.