Arranged Marrige to WHO?!( BTS V)

Arranged Marrige to WHO?!( BTS V)

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Mylittlekdrama By Mylittlekdrama Updated Oct 24, 2016

Hey guys :) so this is my first story! Tbh I don't know how it will turn out but I hope you like it! (If you won't it's fine :p) Don't be afraid to give comments weather they are negative or positive ^-^ Thank you!!

Sang Hee's dad is forcing her into marrige with V due to company's problems... Both Sang Hee and V are against this marrige (duh). But they end up marrying anyways..How will this marrige turn out?! Hmm let's find out :)


Sang Hee (Female lead)

Kim Taehyung (V) (Male lead)

Jin (Sang Hee's boyfriend)

Da Yoon ( Sang Hee's best friend)

Hea Won (Kim Tae Hyun's Ex girlfriend )

Jimin (Kim Tae Hyung's best friend)

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P A S T A 
                              P I Z Z A
                              (If you get what I mean laught with me😂)
People are getting triggered and I find it funny sorry...I'm an ARMY but I'm not triggered don't know why though
I'm not even korean but I use the words omo, aish, jinja, pabo, eomma, appa, and other basic words in korean
"how do you do?" 
                              Mic drop (not the remix)
                              Jungkook: HOW YOU THINK BOUT THAT? HOW YOU THINK BOUT THAT?
lic_ME_JiBOOTY lic_ME_JiBOOTY Feb 10, 2017
So what happened to Perverted Namjoon, Grandpa Yoongi, Jung"shook", J-hoe,
DaoudiZahia DaoudiZahia Jun 29, 2016
so i have to imagine whom ever i want with taetae , mmmmmmmm ,me -_- , well i can't i'll die if i do , so let's just say irene or taeyeon , or tifanny , tifanny better