twister {joshler}

twister {joshler}

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diana By alltimetravesty Updated Sep 25, 2015

"um, your hand is, it's...."

"on your crotch? yeah, i know."

"oh okay, cool."

at a party, josh and tyler bond over a sexual game of twister. tyler falls in love with josh but josh doesn't "do" relationships.

Umm I thought this was about Tyler not the relatable clique😂
I HATED being picked for line leader bc I always messed up or forgot or something. I was honestly popular and happy and social in elementary school. 6th grade changed me hella lot
I've passed out three times and idk why and now I'm traumatized an scared of jumping and falling off high places bc each time I passed out it felt like I was falling and my fried makes fun of me for being scared but I'm to scared tø tell her why
Mine would legit be
                              When happy: this won't happen so nø point in putting a what tø do.
                              When sad: leave alone
                              When mad: leave alone
                              When embarrassed: leave alone
desaraee desaraee Jul 14
I'm stuck between that and wanting to talk to so many people
I relate to all of this, every single thing written in this paragraph I can relate to