Unexpected  - Danisnotonfire x reader

Unexpected - Danisnotonfire x reader

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bringmethatturtle By bringmethatturtle Updated Dec 27, 2016

You were 20 years old, living in a small apartment in New York. You worked at Starbucks just to earn enough cash to live small. Most of your life consisted of Youtubers,Tumblr, and Music. Everything was just the same routine. Get up, work, go home, internet. The only problem you had was paying rent and dealing with your boredom. Until you finally come across HIM. The guy who will change everything for you.

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thixcseavey thixcseavey Jul 06, 2017
Aww that's adorable 😭
Yo okay 1 pin off...... why 2 I’m ambidextrous so imma write with me left hand to show dan we’re semi the same 😂
TasteTheLlama TasteTheLlama May 05, 2017
SEE? Starbucks isn't just good for drinks! It's good to bring people together! STARBUCKS IS GREAT FOR EVERYTHING.
BeyondTheGone BeyondTheGone Nov 10, 2017
Well that accent wouldn't really make my heart melt due to the fact that I have the same one and im very used to hearing it that it's almost annoying
I love to use pins to write with, so much easier than a pencil
freezingloser freezingloser Jul 03, 2017
Roses are red
                              Cacti are prickly 
                              May I just say 
                              This already escalated quickly