Unexpected  - Danisnotonfire x reader

Unexpected - Danisnotonfire x reader

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bringmethatturtle By bringmethatturtle Updated Nov 06

You were 20 years old, living in a small apartment in New York. You worked at Starbucks just to earn enough cash to live small. Most of your life consisted of Youtubers,Tumblr, and Music. Everything was just the same routine. Get up, work, go home, internet. The only problem you had was paying rent and dealing with your boredom. Until you finally come across HIM. The guy who will change everything for you.

BPG112 BPG112 Sep 19
I feel dumb (〒︿〒) what is alpaca porn? I know the game alpacas but is this a reference?
TBH I saw a bunch of my potato friens and family at church today... I sinned to much
That sort of retarded, you can't necessarily like someone for his/her looks you get to know the person first ya idjits, but that's my opinion.
Tumblr_Shit Tumblr_Shit Nov 18
Lol this would never happen to me
                              And that's why there fanfiction
Tumblr_Shit Tumblr_Shit Nov 18
Now can I finally can that free secks you promised if I'd subscribe to you
ok this is how you know its a good fanfic. they dont just fall in love after 2 seconds. dan is attrracted to her looks but he cant say he likes her if he doesnt know her. it makes so much more sense than some other fanfics where they have the secks on day 1.