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CHAZ WILLIAMS By FloralFlames Updated Sep 03, 2016

Reilly Weber is just any sassy teenager in high school.
She's weird, quirky, and fun, without caring what anyone else thinks. She has one best friend, who just happens to be probably the most 'Super Obsessed' teenage girl in the entirety of Fall City.
But when she goes on a class field trip and the bus goes haywire, they are saved by the one and only Titanium Force, Fall City's most loved superhero. 
What Reilly wasn't expecting was for a high-rating super villain to escape from prison, and head straight towards Fall City.
Of course, adding that to the many things in Reilly's life that don't make sense isn't turning out to be as fun as she expected.

PuFaYa PuFaYa Dec 07, 2016
Yo, this isn't an insult or anything but I just wanna say that almost all super books that I've read had this mistake in em. Do ya'll have like a meeting or some sorts that would make this occur?? Im so effing curious rn
Dogsandcats3 Dogsandcats3 Oct 27, 2016
Villains can be pretty awesome, depending. Sometimes I like them more than I like heroes.
*avoids eye contact* haha, me? that's silly, I have no idea what you're talking about.. *looks at floor*
_AutumnGoddess _AutumnGoddess Oct 16, 2016
I'm an Abigail. Except only one of my friends actually says "overly sexual" and everyone else be like "stop reading fanfics. I don't even understand any of your references anymore!!!,," or for the dumb ones "Stop reading. You sound weird"
Dogsandcats3 Dogsandcats3 Oct 27, 2016
I just thought of this; at St. Leo University, they have fries that are so good, the students jokingly call them "crack fries" because they're addicting, lol!😂 They really are pretty good fries
_AutumnGoddess _AutumnGoddess Oct 16, 2016
At my school, people go to gym, and say "I need to get something from my locker" and at the end of the period their sitting in the next class when you get there like "what I miss?"