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Creepypasta yaoi and yuri

Creepypasta yaoi and yuri

124K Reads 2K Votes 19 Part Story
Gory Artist By Thatcreepywriter Updated Jul 28, 2016

Creepypasta Boy X Boy and Girl X Girl please enjoy! 
Requests are open!
Updating every Saturday or Sunday (if possible)

WildeKatz WildeKatz Sep 24, 2016
Alright, I'm going to throw this out there even though some of you believe in unrealistic numbers. An average size is about 3-5 inches. Anything like 13 inches is fake. There is just no possible way that could happen, especially when its twice as large (almost three times) as its supposed to be.
ticcitoby675 ticcitoby675 Jun 20, 2016
Jane the killer * Nina the killer 
                              Tici Toby * Jeff the killer
NerdyMangle NerdyMangle Nov 04, 2016
(Walks into mansion and back out and runs) SCREW YOU I'M AN ALICORN!!!
IfYourDeadBlameMe IfYourDeadBlameMe Sep 21, 2016
For those saying this is so unrealistic. Its really not. Its also not medication produced either. There's a guy born with a 13 inch dick...
Toony-Mickey Toony-Mickey Nov 27, 2016
Honestly I feel bad when I ask for request
                              However the little ship I like is so under-rated that if I were to want to read anything I'd have to request/commission it.
gxfan537 gxfan537 Mar 18, 2016
I want more Laughing Jack x Issac Grossman. I ship that pairing! :3