Music From The Heart

Music From The Heart

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Emily Amato By EmilyAmato101 Updated Sep 18, 2016

Dawn plays the Bass 
May plays the acoustic guitar 
Misty plays the drums
And leaf sings 
They're a small band in Pallet high. nobody's heard. So when they are challenged to play in the Battle of the Bands will they step out of their comfort zone? 

Paul plays the Bass 
Drew plays the acoustic 
Ash plays the drums 
And Gary sings 
They're a famous band in Pallet high. They meet another band and challenge them. Who will win? What will happen? Will there be more than rivalry? And will the past come back? 

Don't own pokemon!

  • contestshipping
  • hurt
  • ikarishipping
  • oldrivalshipping
  • pain
  • pokeshipping
Ash and misty are supposed to have same age 
                              According to the anime
MayMaple2 MayMaple2 Apr 08, 2016
Drew.... *rolls eyes* least he is better than Gary #Drewisaflirt
Toothlessthedragon03 Toothlessthedragon03 Dec 05, 2016
HAha 'Coach Hedge' did you name him/Her that BEVAUSE in the anime all the professors are named after trees?