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Love Knows No Colour

Love Knows No Colour

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Dalia Ellz By DaliaEllz Completed

"Okay Melanie whatever changing topics now I don't want to talk about it."


"Yes you just won't admit it... Hell even Serenity knows you're the only one."

"Melanie I swear I don't like him anyways back to the point he's not talking to me."

"I wouldn't talk to you either if you basically told me I have no chance of going out with you because of the colour of my skin.... And that boy happens to be fine. I would not mind going on a date with his sexy ass." She says as she looks at him.
Have you ever been that person who was so sure of everything in her life and then suddenly everything just gets messed up and you're now dealing with problems that you never even wanted to deal with? Because I have and it sucks.
My name is Tatianna and this is the tale of how one simple white boy comes and messes with the beautiful balance of my mediocre life. But he sort of kind of made my life a bit better in many ways....

- - Jul 20, 2016
that's how I feel . 😂 I don't hate em , just ain't down with the swirl .
amaya_horan___ amaya_horan___ Jul 22, 2016
The nigga who said this probably is small, ugly, crusty, dusty, short, weak, and probably doesn't know how to get a black queen. 
                              Boy bye! You don't deserve us!
MagalieKabasele MagalieKabasele Mar 29, 2016
Luckily I speak French or else I would've be like uhhh😳 because there is not translation gal
RahimaXt RahimaXt Sep 23, 2016
I have literally been looking for this book for months! and it mysteriously appears in recommended books ......😅😎😎😍girl ..m
Forever_Bae14 Forever_Bae14 May 13, 2016
We reading that in English I just don't find nothing romantic about I just fund it depressing
Graciee86 Graciee86 Apr 27, 2016
Why does this girl stay negative? She really is an angry black woman smh