Suicide Jack

Suicide Jack

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knight4696 By knight4696 Updated May 14, 2014

Suicide Jack ... I heard his name for the first time -

Back in the autumn of 1972.

I was only 12 years old ... but the screams remain,

I remember hearing them on my way to school.

 = = = = = =

The older boys were always trying to scare me -

As we passed the Ole Town Mill - they'd tease and they'd taunt.

They would push me towards the Mill and call out his name,

Yelling "Jack's gonna bleed ya in the Ole Mill pond!"

 = = = = = =

I was so damn scared and had every right to be -

Jack was once a real person who worked in the Mill.

It was in the hot summer of 1950,

The Mill was thriving - many work orders fo fill..

 = = = = = =

Jack wasn't well liked - he wasn't one of the guys -

He was always the object of insults and jokes.

He vowed he'd get even - take-em all by surprise,

He faked his suicide - fooled family and town folk.

 = = = = = =

One by one .. the accidents began to happen -

A loosened saw blade - a severed arm on the floor.

Drilled out eyes and faces ground of...

  • evil
  • ghosts
  • haunting
  • horror
knight4696 knight4696 Oct 22, 2014
@AngelOfDarkness_X Thanks Angel  its always humbling being compared to the master ... much appreciated. . thanks again 
knight4696 knight4696 Oct 21, 2014
@gailrunschke Thanks again for the read .. comments and vote. . happy u enjoyed.  Thx again! 
AngelOfDarkness_X AngelOfDarkness_X Oct 14, 2014
A very well written piece, reminds me of Stephen King story...
gailrunschke gailrunschke Oct 05, 2014
Good use of imagery and storytelling skills in this gory story. Vtd
Rhymer2 Rhymer2 May 23, 2014
Stephen King has nothing on you my friend.  A gruesome tale, which is right down my alley.  Loved it vtd.
teardrops5 teardrops5 May 15, 2014
this is amazing  well written, full of great  thoughts of creepy things  well done Marie