The Devil's Babysitter

The Devil's Babysitter

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Xa By xaviarluvya Updated Jul 06, 2015

What happens when a stranger suddenly breaks into the brat's house that you're currently babysitting and starts randomly making out with you? Simple if he's this sexy, then you just got to go along with the flow. 

Especially if he is THIS sexy. 

Funny how things quickly escalate from then on..... 

-- That was a horrid description, I'm bad with them and I deeply apologize but on the plus side did it sound interesting? I hope it did. So new story I'm working on - If you're a follower of mines, you probably see countless of books unfinished. I know I suck but my brain keeps switching and coming up with new idea's :( Forgive me guys! On the bright side enjoy x)

WARNING: Pervasive  and vulgar language ahead/Sexual. Strong, bloody violence and may contain scenes that some viewers may find disturbing [For ex: Mpreg, bxb, and etc. -It won't be put into details but it will be mentioned.]