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A New Alpha

A New Alpha

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Nikki By NikkiIsAlreadyHere Updated Aug 15, 2016

Percy goes to Beacon Hills. What happens when he gets bit?

neverfadingstars neverfadingstars Jul 17, 2016
*meets person for like 5 seconds*
                              Wanna watch a movie at my house? 
                              Cuz it's logic
valcury valcury Jun 06, 2016
DAM IT!!! I can't read Lydia's name correctly anymore. I'm still reading it as Linda. "Dr. Linda go back to being Lucifer's therapist!"
bethany1010 bethany1010 May 31, 2016
Um. Will it be bad to say that the only Star Wars movie I saw was the one that just came out.
Glitchy_gamer Glitchy_gamer Jun 27, 2016
Dude you aren't supposed to know it too since you just recently had monster-proof electronics, unless you binge watched all the iconic movies which would more or less take a month
duhkageyama duhkageyama May 08, 2016
MEMEMEMEMEME but wait which one IT DOESNT HELP WHEN PEOPLE JUST SAY 'IM WATCHING STAR WARS' BC THERE'S LOADS GUYS is it a new hope? Empire strikes back? we will never know.
AimeeMcMinecraft AimeeMcMinecraft May 14, 2016
Did Percy just talk about Stiles smile like that.
                              Me:Hold my earrings I'm gonna buss this dude's ass.