The Bad Boy

The Bad Boy

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Queen & Daddy By smilelikeafool Completed

Meet Braylon Monroe, she's the new girl at Eastside high school so no one knows her.

Then there's Grayson Owens, Mr. Perfect, the bad boy, player, and most known for being the rugby captain. 

Being the new person is always hard, but for Braylon it's even tougher with Grayson in the way. 

"I hate you, Grayson Owens,"

"Not as much as I hate you, Monroe," 



This book contains strong language

turnuptay turnuptay Jan 09
Yeah no you don't and a tip do not play in your sister make up she will try to choke you in your sleep😭😭😭
k_eda_ k_eda_ Dec 19, 2016
My mom would just let us argue until one of us starts hitting eachother or we give her a headache.
BlankLiquid BlankLiquid 2 days ago
Oh he definitely got some nerve...I really wish someone would try that with me...he would no longer have hands to be such an obnoxious prick
-Mysterious-Queen -Mysterious-Queen 5 days ago
i wish someone would smack my books out of my hand..i would throw one directly at they head.
BlankLiquid BlankLiquid 2 days ago
Real funny ...never heard that one before....note the sarcasm...he got some nerve
-Mysterious-Queen -Mysterious-Queen 5 days ago
bitch i will shove my water bottle down your throat..No Joke -_-