Fairy in love with a Sabor (Rogue x Lucy)

Fairy in love with a Sabor (Rogue x Lucy)

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FT_Fanfic_Reader By FT_Fanfic_Reader Updated Jul 26, 2015

-lucy pov-

I'm heading to the job i took. I heard i have to work with other members of other guilds.

"Who are you?"said a guard out side the gate i was suppose to pass.

"I'm Lucy the Fairy tail mage. I came for the job"i say showing my mark.

"You may enter"he said as he ordered to open the gates and i walked in. It was a old big mansion kinda creepy. Outside of the mansion waited Rogue from Sabortooth and a old man.

"Hi?"i say walking towards them. Rogue didn't answer me.

"Hi dear. In this mansion holds a demon that can make illusions and it's freaking my family out. My family right now is in another location. We need the demon destroyed"the man said opening the door for us to enter.

"Okay"i say. I look at Rogue not wanting to look at me.

"Good luck"said the man closing the door. It was kinda dark but you can still see.

"Ill head up"i say to Rogue he just ignored me and walked around. "What's his problem"i say.

"Luce what are you doing here?"said Natsu at top of the end of th...

TheSkysNotTheLimit TheSkysNotTheLimit Nov 16, 2016
"Good luck!" Says a stranger as they thrust you inside a creepy mansion with a demon.
mizzy406 mizzy406 Jun 10, 2016
Lucy unless you want to be in da nut house go with rouge!😐😑