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R.M. Stones By Ilovesweets Updated Aug 10, 2015

"Tóso ómorfi." someone growled behind me.

My heart jolted with shock in my chest as I shrieked and whirled around.

An imposing man stood behind me, his black eyes full of desire. Dressed in a sleek black tuxedo, his tanned skin complimented his square jaw and straight nose. He was clean shaven and I could smell his Armani aftershave from where I was standing. He was a real life Adonis. In less than two steps, he hadstrode toward me until he was right in front of my face, gripping my chin hard, before he fiercely melded his lips to mine.

I was paralyzed.

Why was he in the women's toilets?"

Frances Hayward, a journalist known for her ice queen demeanour, despite her popular articles discussing the do's and don'ts of romance as alter ego Valerie D'Voire, is cursed with the burden of having to have her emotions under control after an accident in her past. Keeping her feelings dorment is natural for Frances, but tensions run high and remaining in control proves difficult when she meets the Greek bachelor Mr Krieos.

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RoseAllDay RoseAllDay Aug 22, 2015
The fact that I'm drunk rn... Holy shít this intro is amazing. I applaud you.
Debutantes Debutantes Aug 11, 2015
OMG WHAT THE HECK THIS IS FREAKING PURE GOLD... Who are you? You freaking sound like Shakespeare and that green villain from Kim possible... I'm just speechless you're a genius...Einstein's got nothing on you girlll!! @Ilovesweets
Rachy0818 Rachy0818 Apr 06, 2015
when will you be updating story this was really good but its been ages now since your last update, will you be finishing this???
MyraRoaring MyraRoaring Mar 24, 2015
What is this a pre taste? Its not even updated regularly,,it would have been better if you plan to write something that you can finish..
augustxrush augustxrush Sep 08, 2014
I am not reading a story that has 8 chapters and hadn't been updated for months without warning jfc
Im_janai Im_janai Jun 25, 2014
That was so deep, Adele couldn't even roll in it (cheesy, i know)