Play my Clarity

Play my Clarity

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★彡 By Takeshira Completed

Fate caused Levi to win first place ten years ago.

Eren, who had been angry that he was only second place, finally meets the asshole who took away his title of first place.

These two musicians live in very different worlds, but it was all thanks to fate that they meet again.

Music is freedom, but at times it is the very cage that confines you.

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Lysismazing Lysismazing Feb 06
I just want to say that the way that you wrote the chapters is absolutely genius. I applaud you. *golfers clap*
TigerBunny2 TigerBunny2 Jan 31
And here I am all like "woohoo, self-taught since I was thirteen and I STILL SUCK"
Iloveleviandfirestar Iloveleviandfirestar Aug 18, 2017
Hello! I am 12 but my parents have given me permission to read this so can I?
Lysismazing Lysismazing Feb 06
Yooooooo im learning Payphone on guitar for my song this week
Don't forget 
                              Just found that out in band yesterday
Hehe idk what the heck is going on A minor what? I play the clarinet