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Stalking Fear

Stalking Fear

56K Reads 1.9K Votes 20 Part Story
Taylor By _Peeta Completed

My name is Kaitlin Reid. I'm simple-minded, boring, and a little less than capable of dealing with stressful situations. When I witnessed my best friend being murdered, I did all that I knew how to do, and I called the cops. They captured the murderer and put him in prison, and for a while, I felt safe. I had the cops on my side and just enough strength left in me to try to get my life back in order. But of course, as the story goes, that illusion of 'safety' was short-handed. 
The murderer escaped a high security prison. 
I know I am the top of his hit list. And I'm not sure when he will find me, or how he will do it, but he is after me. And my limited time is running out.

hannahlayne42 hannahlayne42 Jan 06, 2016
Please go read misplaced by me and star it or like whatever it's called but I'm looking for inspiration and names for the next chapters!!💖
Panic-At-The-Impala Panic-At-The-Impala Apr 22, 2015
OMG! @_Peeta her last name is Reid, and that is a character from one of my favorite shows! Honestly, that's what made me read!
Randombob18 Randombob18 Mar 19, 2014
The grammar and spelling in the first two pages is appalling
Abandon_All_Sanity Abandon_All_Sanity Oct 28, 2013
Good start. I'm loving it. But does her best friend have the same sleeping problem or does she casually wake up at 4 am to call her bestie too?...
                              Lol. Good start
pisces77 pisces77 May 07, 2013
@_Peeta No prob! You deserve praise with a talent like yours! :)
futurepresident futurepresident Mar 20, 2013
@TheHungerJays AMAZING omg I cant breath at how amazing this is :O